Free Version Available!

Word vs Word has a Free version available for word game enthusiasts to play. The game has all the bells and whistles of the full version of the game except for a couple special features. We encourage people to try the Free version, but we know that after a while they're going to want to upgrade and play the Full version which includes a second hint in Solo Games, as well as additional Game Center features – more Alphabet Achievements to complete and the ability to compete with other players and rank themselves on Opponent and Solo Leaderboards.

Free Version

Game Fully Connected.

You name it, it’s got it. Word vs Word allows people to connect via Facebook to play their friends. Their Facebook profile becomes their Word vs Word account so they can invite their friends to play an Opponent game. In addition to being fully integrated to Facebook, all versions of Word vs Word (Free, Full and HD) are also connected to Game Center. Within Game Center, players will earn points for winning games and can compete on two Leaderboards – Opponent and Solo Leaderboards. We have also created 26 Alphabet Achievements (one for each letter of the alphabet) for players to try and master..

Full Version

  • iPhone5 & iOS6 Ready.

    Word vs Word has been updated for the iPhone5 giving players more space on the Gameboard. We have also included fun alphabet stats throughout the app wtih the additional space. The extra space also allows you to see more of the games you're playing.

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